Established in 2018, we support our clients in building strong IT security programs. Our expert consultants specialize in assessing risks and vulnerabilities and developing strategic roadmaps to mitigate risks in your IT environment.

We work with companies to embed cyber security within all aspects of business operations, educate their IT and business departments on security best practices, and implement leading edge tools and solutions to identify, detect, prevent and respond to emerging threats. Proack recognizes that each client is unique and ensures our solutions are specifically crafted to tailor your requirements.

Our mission

Proack’s mission is to ensure your company receives the highest quality services geared toward improving your overall security program. Our core values are centered around client satisfaction.


Proack will provide dependable client-focused recommendations based on factual evidence and comprehensive evaluation, untainted by potential up-sell opportunities.


Proack will consistently deliver exceptional quality of work with steadfast professionalism, through our reliable team of industry-leading security professionals.


We will act as an extension of your security team. Our clients have peace of mind knowing credible security professionals are working with their best interests in mind.

How we can help you

Proack’s goal is to help your company stay protected against existing and emerging cyber threats. Learn more about how we can work together to enhance your organization’s overall IT security program and ensure your systems, applications and infrastructures stay protected. Check out our full list of security services.

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